Become A Thought Leader & Embody The Bulletproof Mentality Of A Special Forces Commando.


It's time to STEP UP!!!

We are currently in a new reality filled with uncertainty, fear, and helplessness, and there's never been a better time to create MEANING and IMPACT in everything you do!

It takes a certain type of individual to claim a space and call it their own. A person who knows how to show up with an authentic power, commitment, determination, and intent which will seamlessly attract endless opportunities into their life, business, and relationships. At Sayeret Warrior, we take your desires and turn them into a commitment to be more!

At Sayeret Warrior, we've transformed our lives through our time in the special forces, real-life missions, and in our business careers. It's now time for us to share our expertise with you. From being in live firefights, to rescuing injured soldiers in the most extreme circumstances imaginable, we're giving you the systems, understandings, and tools that will equip you to cope with any challenge and come out more powerful than ever!

This is a no-nonsense program that only accepts those who are willing to forget what they think they know so that they can transform into who they've always wanted to become.

We take people who are currently:

  • Not having the impact that they're capable of.
  • Not in the physical and mental shape that they desire.
  • Underdelivering on their promises to themselves and others.
  • Lacking the motivation to become elite in everything they do.
  • Feeling overwhelmed by the current circumstances that they're faced with.

Our Sayeret Warrior Program will guarantee that you will:

  • Train with the best of the best from the special forces.
  • Challenge yourself to see what you're really made of.
  • Learn how to be a thought leader in your life and organization.
  • Be a part of an influential network that truly cares about your success.
  • Build a resilience within that will allow you to thrive in any circumstance.
  • Understand your greatest source of power - YOUR WARRIOR WITHIN!

Weekly Zoom Meetings

  • 90 minute Zoom sessions twice a month.
  • Every fortnight we explore a new topic which is critical to master so that you can have it all!

Weekly Missions

  • Knowing is never enough, we learn through experience & hard work.
  • Missions will be both mental and physical.

On-going Support

  • We will be here to support you throughout your entire experience.
  • Your success is our success!
  • If you're going to jump, it's always better to have a partner.
Basic Training

— 6 Weeks

— Dissolve your fears

— Create mental toughness

— Receive weekly missions

— Up to 20 people per team

— Lead by example - mind & body

Advanced Training

— 12 Weeks

— Learn how to thrive under pressure

— Attract great people into your life

— Build strong relationships & teams

— Create a powerful physical body

— Learn timeless warrior principles

— Up to 6 elite people per team

"Lochem" - Warrior Training

— 24 Weeks

— Weekly 1:1 Coaching

— Unlimited group sessions

— Full-access to our network

— Commit to becoming ELITE


(Basic Training)


  • Jump into meaningful action.
  • Create clarity on exactly what you want and how you're going to get it.
  • Your word creates your world -- learn how to communicate with purpose and intent.

Week 2 — BODY & FUEL

  • Create a strong body.
  • Learn the fuel of peak performers.
  • Take care of your mind and body during intense training.


  • Extreme ownership.
  • Show me don't tell me.
  • Become a model of excellence.


  • Discipline.
  • Time With Self.
  • Physical challenges.


  • Take care of the wolf.
  • Overcome your fear.
  • Keep going.


  • The true nature of a warrior.
  • How to connect with self and others.
  • How to stay centred under pressure.

Revealing a Simple Yet Profoundly Powerful & Comprehensive System Used by The Special Forces

What is a Sayeret Warrior?

In Hebrew, the word Sayeret represents the 'special forces'. This unique online program was created for the everyday person who wants to find and empower their true warrior spirit into every aspect of their life. Combining tools, strategies, and experiences from a select number of past and current operators from within the special forces community, this program will be a catalyst foчr living and breathing a new and elite standard of excellence in your life.

Who is Eligible?

Like in the special forces, only those who are picked will be eligible to be part of this exclusive group. Each participant will need to pass a screening test before entering as it is critical for us to find like-minded warriors so that you will be surrounded by and engaging with highly motivated people from around the world. To see if you make the cut, click the link below!

Ready To Experience Sayeret?

— Lead by example

— Create a bulletproof identity

— Live and breathe the Sayeret WARRIOR mindset